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The 101 Sanitizer Story

If you are looking for Canadian hand sanitizer or to support small Canadian businesses during this unprecedented time, you are in the right place! Since its inception, The 101 Brewhouse + Distillery has been bringing people together on the Sunshine Coast, we now hope to do so on a larger scale during this pandemic by providing sanitizer Canada-wide. 

With careful attention to quality, The 101 70% Alcohol Hand and Surface Sanitizer is made with certified food grade ethanol in accordance to the World Health Organization (WHO) standards and approved by Health Canada (NPN/DIN: 80098856).

As per WHO recommendations, the alcohol percentage by volume of sanitizers needs to be at least 60%. Below this, they’re less likely to kill the bacteria and viruses on your hands and surfaces. Trust that all of our sanitizer products are a minimum of 70% alcohol and effective against the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

We feel that with the ability to produce these products it is our duty to help out. Whether you are a restaurant, school, small business or just someone who wants a family friendly source of sanitizer, we know what you are going through and can help out. 



Helping Hands Efforts

With the purchase of every 500 ml bottle of Helping Hands Sanitizer for donation, The 101 will match the donation and give to Coastal Crisis Outreach for direct distribution on the Sunshine Coast. Coastal Crisis Outreach will be distributing this sanitizer for free to those in the community who are most at risk or cannot afford their own. Help us be stronger together and equip our communities!

Meet The Team

As a positive community for impassioned individuals to create, experiment and share, The 101 is all about quality products. We truly pride in blending BC craft beer, small batch spirits and locally inspired dishes into a perfect community hub for locals and visitors alike. Want to explore and shop our craft collection? Visit our distillery here!


David Longman

Mark Reed

Matt Cavers

Chris and Kelly Greenfield